How to Find Memories on Facebook in 2024

Therefore, Facebook has completely changed how we look at and use social network platforms. Many features have been introduced over the years, and Facebook Memories is one of them.

Facebook has come a long way from being a popular social media to evolving as a comprehensive database of users and their precious memories.

In this article, we’ll show you how to find memories on Facebook in 2023 and bring back all the precious memories from your past and present.

Read further to know how to access your memory settings so you can use the feature with utmost benefits as a bonus.

Things to Know Before Finding Memories on Facebook

Therefore, Before knowing how to find your memories on Facebook, you need to know what kind of memories you are looking for:

How to Find Memories on Facebook
✓ On This Day: This option is to remind you about all the specific events that happened on this day.

✓ Friends Made on This Day: This option is to remind who you’ve followed on your current day.

Therefore, This option Finland Phone Numbers shows all the memory recaps collected and curated by Facebook from your media.

✓ Memories You May Have Missed: This option is to see all the memories you’ve missed to this day.

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How to Find Memories on Facebook From a Smartphone?

Since there are many memories from past years on your Facebook account, here is a step-by-step guide on how to find them on your Smartphone:

Step 1 – Open your Facebook app on your smartphone and access the menu by selecting the profile icon on the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2 – After the menu is revealed, select Memories on the third section of the given menu.

Therefore, If you don’t see the Memories option in the menu, find and select the See More option to reveal more options from the menu.

Step 3 – After selecting Memories, you’ll find Brazil Phone Number List all the memories from the current day to all the previous years.

Therefore, How to Find Memories on Facebook
How to Find Memories on Facebook From a Desktop?
To find memories on Facebook directly from a desktop, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 – Navigate to Facebook from your preferred web browser and sign into your account.

Step 2 – After signing into your account, find and select the Memories option from the left side menu of the News Feed.

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