Learn in a real environment with the

Learn in a real environment  possibility of internships in companies One of the advantages of our course is the possibility of doing an internship in a real company. We believe that practical experience in a work environment is essential to becoming a highly competent welder. We give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge in real-world situations, which will prepare you for the challenges you will face in your career. Payment Flexibility We understand that the financial aspect is also important. That’s why we offer flexible payment options.

The total price of the course is

€1300, which you can pay in installments to best suit your situation. Don’t wait any longer. Sign up today and get ready for an Switzerland Phone Number Data  enriching training experience in the world of Coated Arc and TIG Welding! We look forward to seeing you!5 reasons to train in welding Are you here: StartWelding5 reasons to train in… Training in welding opens the doors to working in the industrial sector. Welding workshops, construction companies, industrial mechanics or metal workshops.

In all of them there are possibilities to

Work as a welder after training and having the necessary skills and abilities. Below we give you 5 reasons to train in welding: 1. Welders are one of the most sought-after professionals. In Spain, despite the Covid-19 crisis, welding and Iran Phone Number List  workers have remained among the most sought-after professions. Economic or health crises make it difficult for professionals with university degrees, while technicians and specialists in industrial sectors find it easier to find employment.

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