PPC is more like a tent

PPC is more like a tent – you can set it up in minutes, and you can tear it down whenever you want. The advantage of using SEO and PPC together is demonstrated through this statistic: Brands that appeared in organic and paid search results attracted 92% of total clicks. When the brand only used SEO, it received 60%. That’s a pretty huge difference, and it’s all caused by targeting similar keywords across both strategies.

Content marketing and SEO

These two strategies go hand in hand, and one telegram data doesn’t work well without the other — an SEO-friendly blog post is a common content marketing example. In fact, they heavily intersect. As we mentioned earlier, part of SEO is making high quality content that is relevant to your customers. So why would you want to create your content and then not market it? Through content marketing, you can reach more potential customers by optimizing each piece of content according to SEO standards.

That’ll help it show up

telegram data

In search engine results pages, which will earn Philippines Telegram Number more traffic for your site. When you create high quality content, you can also send it to influencers and bloggers in your industry to earn inbound links. That helps improve your site’s overall SEO power as well. Content marketing and social media Content marketing and social media also go hand in hand. First and foremost, social media is a great platform to advertise the great content that you’ve created for your website – especially blogs.


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