Social Media Platforms Not Great for Writing

It’s even more unfortunate if we have a business and we only rely on Facebook to find customers.

It’s as if we always hope that the landowners will continue to like us and support our business.

But the fact is, the landlord doesn’t even know who we are and doesn’t really care.

What If The Landlord Dies?
Other problems are:

The landlord may still be there or may be gone the following year.

Take a look at the My Space and Friendster platforms for example

It used to be very popular. Now?

I think you see the idea here. The fate Database may be similar to Friendster.

The question: What about our writings that have been collected for so long in the platform?

Of course not.

Facebook, and Twitter and many other search and social sites are all great platforms to spread our ideas.

But what is important is – we should focus more of our efforts and creative energies on the assets we can control.

What are these assets? It’s our blog.

Building these assets is equivalent to buying our own building as opposed to renting it.

We have put a lot of time and effort into our writing

So don’t put all the risk by building assets on leased land, over which we have no control.

When Should You Write on a Blog?
Let’s look at the reality:

If you log into Facebook and see a post that is longer than 9 or 10 lines, will you read it? Maybe not.

But some topics do require more than a few sentences to fully explain


On a blog, you’ll have more room to develop those ideas.

Writing on the blog will also be more structured with BZB Directory various formats such as sub-headings, quotes, bullets and related pictures.
On Facebook, try to find your writing that was posted in the last 3 years. It must be boring to scroll, isn’t it?

On the blog, each writing will be organized by category, tag and date.

It makes it very easy for us to find the writing again to be modified and updated according to current developments.


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