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A very good product and brilliant advertising are not enough. The consumer is associate with a given brand not only to consume it, but above all to implement a specific vision with it. Impact of brand identity on business results For identity to be beneficial, it must meet certain conditions. Its characteristic feature should be consistency. This will allow you to develop a creible, logical image. The identity must be transparent, clear, base on measurable goals, 100% consistent with the company’s mission and values. One cannot forget about understanding and acceptance of the team.

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It is the employees who largely determine how the brand is perceive outside. Employees create the atmosphere, create customer opinions. How database does identity affect business results? Identity is the basis for making the right decisions. Thanks to it, we know what actions to choose and which ones to avoid in order to achieve success on the market. A coherent vision and clearly define goals and values ​​facilitate the creation of logical, distinctive elements of visual identification – such as logo, website design, customer service model, form of company management. These decisions contribute to how customers perceive a brand. Identity is a way of creating a brand image .


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Mark A consistent, strong identity influences favorable consumer decisions, which affects business. The company achieves the set goals, generates profit. This strengthens the brand identity. The company gains confidence that its vision has been BZB Directory accepte by the market. History repeats itself, and identity winds itself up. The brand is climbing the ladder of popularity. It gains a strong position on the market, is recognizable, stands out from the competition and has a chance to become a leader in the industry.

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