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Data integration and automation – as well as financial benefits such as indirect cost savings and improvd cash flow. But it also benefits the well-being and satisfaction of employees, as well as “human capital”, which today more than ever is an irreplaceable resource. What can we expect in the near future? With the beginning of the pandemic, international business trips in particular were sharply rducd.

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As a result, demand for payment solutions for business travel has fallen. Solutions for B2B expenses, on the other hand, were in greater Latest Mailing Database demand. Nationwide vaccinations and loosening give reason to hope that the situation will ease. A revival of business trips in Europe and worldwide is foreseeable. You should therefore optimize your payment solutions now so that you can send your employees around the world with AirPlus Corporate Cards in the future. [1] AirPlus Business Traveller Survey 2019 This article is also available in French.

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As a means of payment, virtual cards are in no way inferior to plastic cards in terms of convenience and user-friendliness, but they have BZB Directory much more to offer than conventional crdit cards. That is why more and more companies are interestd in this digital solution, which can contribute to increasing efficiency and ultimately rducing costs. The decision for or against the use of the card innovation neds to be carefully considerd. The company should carefully examine its various indirect, direct and novel spends on online platforms and then use the result as a basis for decisions on the introduction of new payment methods.

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Without basic assumptions, it is quite difficult to go in the right direction and set sail. We recommend How to plan online marketing? Online marketing company vision – it’s worth having What is the vision of the enterprise – definition The vision of the enterprise is one of the basic concepts in the field of business. There are many authors who propose different definitions of vision, including: are far-reaching aspirations of the leader relate to the future – writes R. Koch (“Strategy. How to develop and implement the most effective strategy”), is a model concept of the future structure of the organization – believes.

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A Stabryła (“Management in the theory and practice of the company”). strategic can be accepte as a process of creating new values ​​and perspectives, which determines the directions of the company’s development in the long term and its place Latest Mailing Database in the environment. – concludes G. Gierszewska (“Strategies of enterprises in the era of globalization”). Three different definitions allow for a holistic approach to what the vision of an enterprise is. Does your company’s vision support its actions? Check what PR activities will allow you to use the company’s potential even better.

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Enter your e-mail, we will contact you So what is the vision of the company? How to create it well? The authors of “Strategic Thinking” indicate what a well-formulate vision. An enterprise should include: Description of the company’s competencies BZB Directory Plotting.  A path from the present to the aspire position Awareness that you want to be better than the competition.  So you should constantly improve and develop Description of the business environment and changes in society Characteristics of the company and its environment. Józen Penc adds to this list: “ defining the business, identifying opportunities to create potential surpluses in existing market areas that the company still intends to exploit.