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This is important from an organizational point of view. But together with SEMSTORM, we decide to check how important topics relate to these events turne out to be for Internet users – after all, even before they starte, many people from. Warsaw and Krakow and the surrounding. Area were worrie about commuting to work. By the way, I wonder how many employees took a vacation because of this but that’s a topic for another post and maybe on another blog :). you an infographic presenting the popularity of the NATO Summit and WYD on the Polish Internet. SDM 2016 and the NATO summit – what were Internet users looking for? Searching for information on the1 NATO Summit in Google, Internet users most often entere. The phrases “NATO Summit” (135,000 searches in July) and “NATO” (90,500 results.

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They were also looking for information about the date. Of the event and where there would be traffic problems in Warsaw. In turn, in the case of World Youth Day, the phrases “WYD” (823,000), “Pope Francis” (368,000) and “World Youth Day” (301,000) were most often searche for. Panama will be the organizer of the next Youth Days, which is phone number list why in July as many as 450,000 times this phrase was entere in Google. What did they write about? Internet users wrote a lot about both events, but it was the discussion about World Youth Day that dominate – 154,954 entries were made about the NATO Summit, and 464,062 about WYD. Both events were widely reporte in social meia. Twitter and Facebook dominate here. We also checke which news websites talke about each of them the most.

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It turne out that both the NATO Summit and the World Youth Day were most often written about o Before you go to the infographic, a little curiosity! As BZB Directory many as 8,868 entries concerne both events at the same time! Details can be found on the infographic – I invite you to watch it Reception of the SDM 2016 and the NATO Summit on the Internet?Brand24 are an interesting way to graphically present data. We have already written more about the types of popular and willingly share infographics . If you also want to get interesting information from Internet monitoring, create a free Brand24 account.

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