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It is said that if you can’t clarify the vision of a company in two sentences, then something is wrong with it. It is worth taking such a test and trying to at least describe the assumptions in such a short form. It is also a perfect starting point for composing any strategies or slogans. For example, Nike’s vision statement is “bringing inspiration and innovation to all athletes.” It corresponds perfectly with the classic advertising slogan: Just do it.

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It is worth using all of the above models to create a vision of the company that will stand the test of time. Contact us – we will help you achieve it. Good to know: What is the enterprise vision? It is the totality of how the company wants to be perceive in whatsapp mobile number list the future. The vision also describes the goals that the organization wants to achieve and the future direction of its activities. What should the company’s vision consist of? A well-formulate vision of the company should include a description of the organization, setting the path it intends to follow, a conscious focus on development, a description of the environment and characteristics of the environment.

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The vision should also be short and concise. What is helpful in developing a vision for the enterprise? In order to develop a vision of the company, it is worth relying on helpful methods that have already been proven many times. The simplest of the BZB Directory helpful solutions is the Osterwalder model, the next one is Porter’s five forces analysis. It will also be helpful to conduct a marketing audit.Brand identity vs brand image March 11, 2021 Marketing strategy Brand identity and image are often confuse concepts. It is therefore worth being aware that identity is not synonymous with image. These are two separate issues, although one stems from the other.