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A special event on Facebook and a website of the action were also create , which containe the most important information about the collection it explaine what you nee to do to join it, it include links to download the application, it presente shelters that will be given food. Above all, however, it was a place where everyone could check the status of. record bowl2 Famous people Many influencers were engage to help the animals, who increase the reach of the campaign in their niches. They were not only the already mentione SA Wardęga and Rafał Maślak , but also, among others: Krzysztof Gonciarz , Niekrytyk , Matura to Bzdura , Z Ass , 5 Ways To , Andrzej Tucholski.

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Internet monitoring and efficient engagement The Ceneo brand place great emphasis on maintaining good, as direct contact as possible with the database people involve.  under her posts, but at the same time she did not limit herself to activities within her communication channels. It was people who create about its success or failure, which is why the fundraising process was monitore on an ongoing basis using Brand24. All this so as not to miss any entry from people who joine it and to easily enter into a dialogue with them thank you.


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Nice that you click with us! Thanks! <3 RekordowaMiska dogs helping — CeneoPL (CeneoPL) June 27, 2016 thanks for helping the dogs with us! <3 Record Bowl — CeneoPL (CeneoPL) June 27, 2016 But it is not everything! In Ceneo, phrases relate to BZB Directory the main stakeholders of the action, dogs, were also monitore. These were, for example, the words dog, pets, dogs. This helpe to find pet lovers, make contact with them and invite them to join the action.