Are Blogs Still Relevant When Facebook Exists

Are blogs still relevant?

The problem has been playing for several years.

It is becoming more apparent when many social media platforms exist that are like mushrooms growing after the rain.

Undoubtedly, less and less people blog since the advent of facebook.

I got this question from a reader:

Blogging is still relevant

The short answer is YES.

Often people who wonder if blogs are still relevant are those who love social media and have a short attention span

Explain why in this article why blogs are still relevant in 2018 and in the years to come

Writing on Facebook is Easy, But…
Anyone can write something on a website like Facebook.

But we need to know that the content has effectively Phone Number List become the property of Facebook as soon as we post it there.

The more content we create for free, the more valuable Facebook becomes.

Simply put, we do the work, they profit.

We call this term sharecropping.

The term sharecropping refers to agricultural practices that existed in ancient times around the world.

How does the concept of sharecropping work?

this way:

A large landowner would allow farmers to work on their land but on the condition that he take most of the profits produced from the crops.

In this case, the landowner has full power.

If he decides to chase us away, we lose our livelihood.

If he decides to raise the interest rate, our income will be smaller.

We do all the work but the landlord gets the most profit so we live in poverty

Phone Number List

Landlord Terms May Also Change
Take a look at the Facebook example.

What if we focus all our writing on Facebook?

Writing on facebook is easy, free and it has the potential BZB Directory to make our writing go viral instantly.

But what happens when Facebook thinks you’ve done something that violates their terms of service and deletes your account?

Or are there people who don’t like you making a mass report saying it’s hate speech?

Facebook is a platform that has constantly changing conditions.

Another day, another tomorrow the terms and conditions.