White people refer to as About Page

If you’re like most other bloggers, you probably haven’t touched it since the first time you wrote it.

Able to?

And maybe it was years ago.

Take the check back now.

Is there anything out of date? Not relevant?

Try looking at these things:

Bibliographic information, latest developments and so on.
Information about services or products – you may want to remove old ones or add new ones.
Links to the best articles – you probably have a good piece of writing to promote.
4. Add a Picture of Yourself
Photos can be a great way to help readers feel connected because it shows them the person behind the writing.

If you have a good new photo (it doesn’t even have to look professional), then add it to your about page.

You can also put it on the header or on the sidebar

Pictures will help structure the page and make it easy to read

You can see an example of my about page here

5. Remove Widgets From Sidebar
Most of the sidebars on the side of the blog are fibrous.

It often makes readers struggle to find the option Whatsapp Mobile Number List they actually want (like a button to follow you on FB or twitter ).

Check your sidebar and find unimportant widgets, then get rid of them.

6. Managing Comments
Often we easily overlook comments.

Take two minutes to check for any comments that need a reply or any spam comments that have slipped in.

Unanswered questions and spam comments will leave a bad impression on readers.

It makes adan look like they don’t care about your blog and readers

If you find it difficult to keep up with the comments, you may be able to close the comments section on articles that are older than a month.

It’s also a good idea to close the comment section on pages like the about page so that it doesn’t fray over time.

Enter More Information on the Contact Page Some bloggers put a contact form only

Whatsapp Mobile Number List

While this is not wrong, it creates a barrier for readers BZB Directory who may want to contact you in other ways.

Depending on the purpose of your blog, you may not want or need to include a phone number or address on your contact page

But it would be a good idea to add:

Email Address (not all readers trust the contact form and are more comfortable to email manually)
Links to social media profiles , especially if you are easily reached via Twitter or Facebook rather than email.
8. Correcting Misspellings
Typos or misspellings happen to every blogger

Although it’s a common mistake, it can still have a negative impact.

If your articles and pages are full of spelling mistakes, you will look less professional.

It may have an impact if the purpose of your blog is for business because your potential customers may question your seriousness about such a small but important matter.

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