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This saves time and simplifies the payment process. Payment transactions and authorizations with the AirPlus Virtual Cards with multi-use function developd for recurring purchases are made even more secure by using 2FA. However, merchants can also be permanently exemptd from 2FA : After the first transaction with the 2FA code, the merchant is stord in the system.

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This prevents other merchants from charging the respective card. For all other transactions, monthly payments, no re-authentication is requird. A modern solution to a contemporary problem. Virtual cards are arguably the best whatsapp mobile number list solution for businesses to optimize their B2B spend. Payments no longer have to be settld via non-company cards, which means that confidential information, such as 2FA code and PIN, is no longer requird with every purchase. The accounting department always keeps an eye on the expenses made, receives central statements and no longer has to process employee statements for purchases with private crdit cards.

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The intendd use can be specifid for each virtual card, they are particularly secure. Accounting and purchasing are always in control BZB Directory and have a comprehensive overview of all procurement expenses. Have we piqud your interest? Read our e-book to learn more about the benefits virtual cards can bring to your business.Why traditional B2B payments are. No longer enough The modern procurement. Process is becoming more and more digital. Traditional payment methods such as bank transfer. And direct debit are no longer the best way to meet the challenges facing buyers and suppliers today.